Picky Picky

This is a quiz I did linked from Facebook awhile back. (Back dating this post to when it was done.) It lists 87 food items and you are to check off all you won’t eat to see how picky you are. I know how picky I am so I didn’t need a quiz to tell me, but I did it for fun just to see how bad it was.

How Much of a Picky Eater Are You?

I don’t eat 45 out of 87 listed. It’s not my fault they listed gross things!

My Results: “You are the pickiest of ALL the picky eaters. So much so that people are often giving you shit about it. But that’s because they just don’t understand. What they call picky, you just call having high standards! Eat what you want, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it.”


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