My Own Questions

I filled out my own quiz out of boredom…

I know no one will ever read this but me. It’s just interesting to do every once in awhile to see how my answers change over time. If you do read this, or part of it, let me know in the comments you were here and how much you actually read.

What time is it?: 7:07am

Full Name: no
Nicknames: Lil Mah, among others
Sex: F
Birthdate: sometime in June
Location: GTA
Living Arrangements: in a big comfy house with Hubby
Siblings: older brother and younger sister
Shoe Size: 7ish
Eye Color: dirty blue
Height: 5’1.5”
Pets: none of the living and breathing variety
Parent’s names: Ruth and Brian
Bedtime: haha


Part Two~ Favorites
Type of music: hmmm… all
Song: hmmmmmm…
CD: Pinkerton
Singer/Group: Weezer
Soundtrack: Crouching Tiger
TV show: Friends
Movie: hmm
Magazine: I don’t read magazines… O? Otaku USA? Haha
Article of Clothing: pj pants
Colour: green
Number: 8
Animal: panda
Flower: peony
Radio Station: I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite but I listen to Virgin 99.9
Class: I’m not in school right now. Ask again in a few weeks! For now, I’ll say Japanese.
Teacher: Kondo-sensei
Holiday: Christmas
Toothpaste: Max Fresh… I think that’s Colgate.
Restaurant: Moxie’s, I suppose
Alcoholic Drink: Amaretto and Coke
Zoo Exhibit: pandas ~ I’ve never actually seen one at a zoo though.
Pair of jeans: Ugh. Don’t talk to me.
Sport to play: Does sudoku count?!
Sport to watch: most are boring
Season of the Year: winter
Store: Rajio Kaikan? haha JK… IDK
Poet: uh… it’s been awhile
Food: steak and mashed potatoes and corn
Icecream: chocolate chip cookie dough (some things never change~)
Lunch meat: turkey
Juice: PC Blue Menu mango smoothie
Dessert: cake
Popscile: huh
Day of the week: Thursday
Food court meal: sushi with bubble tea
Cartoon: Does anime count? (Why do I keep asking?! I wrote this!) No. It doesn’t count. So… Ni Hao Kai-lan. Hahaha.
Toy as a child: dishes
Person under the age of 5: Mason & Holden
Person over the age of 65: my in-laws and my McGillicudy
TV show in the 80’s: Full House
Simpson’s character: Barney
Pick-up line: How you doin’? (I know. So overused and cheesy but, c’mon… it’s Joey!)


Part Three~ FRIENDS
Best Friend: Hubby
Person Who You Can Go To For Anything: Hubby
Person You Trust Most: Hubby
Most Caring: Hubby
Funniest: Hubby
Person Who Betrayed Your Trust: shall remain nameless online
Things That You Admire About Your Friends: good people


Part Four~ LOVE LIFE (For The Girls)
Single or taken: married
If taken, why are you with him?: He’s the best
Do you notice looks or personality first?: Don’t lie. Looks.
What celebrity is your dream guy?: Rivers Cuomo
Who has it easier, guys or girls?: guys
Sweet geek or dumb jock?: I heart geeks.
Which do you find more romantic – mountain resort or beachside?: MR
Boxers or Briefs?: Ew. Briefs are gross. Boxer briefs.
What is your idea of the perfect guy?: Not enough room. Hubby.
Describe your ideal date?: hanging out on some comfy chairs, talking… God, I’m old.
Do you want to get married? Have a family?: I am married and perhaps I want a family.
What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done?: ask Hubby
What is the most romantic thing that has ever been done for you?: The fairytale with necklace was pretty great.


Part Five~ OR’s
Sprite or 7-UP: Neither. Yucky.
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Pen or Pencil: pen
Dog or Cat: dog
Radio or TV: TV
Smarties or M&M’s: Smarties
Sore Throat or Upset Stomach: sore throat
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Croutons or Bacon Bits: croutons
Apple or Orange: orange
McDonald’s or Wendy’s: McD
Shampoo or Conditioner: Huh? Don’t I need both? I’m dumb. Shampoo.


Part Six~ WORD ASSOCIATION (First things that comes to mind)
Rubber Gloves: dentist
Disney Character: Jiminy
Fast Food place: Makudo
Board Game: Monopoly
Rock: paper
Blue: ocean
Wet: clothes
Cry: namida
Peanut butter: brittle
Hay: horse
Paper: scissors
Red: green


Part Seven~ Miscellanous
What is one thing you would like to change?: lose weight
Were you named after anyone?: no
Which finger is your favourite?: pinky
When did you last cry?: When Hubby was late coming home and I thought something bad happened and then he came home and I was so relieved. So… Tuesday.
If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play you?: Zhang Ziyi. Ha. (It’s a movie. They aren’t realistic anyway.)
Describe your life at present, using a movie genre: long, drawn out, and boring with no plot (I know that isn’t a genre but it sums it up.)
Who are you jealous of?: skinny ladies with babies
What is the number one priority in your life?: I don’t have too many priorities right now so I’ll just take the easy way out and say Hubby.
What are your worst habits?: sleeping
What store would you never be caught dead in?: I’m over 30. I’ll shop anywhere.
If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: sure
Are you a daredevil?: nope
Have you told a big secret you swore you wouldn’t?: My own? Yes. Someone else’s?… Find me someone who hasn’t.
Have you ever stolen anything?: yup
Do looks matter?: unfortunately
Do you pray?: Not often. Only when I’m terrified or really depressed. Or when I think of it.
Have you ever met anyone famous?: I hugged Rivers!!!!! And got Brian’s signature. But never actually met anyone.
Are you trendy?: absolutely not
What do you do to vent anger?: snappish
Are you passive or aggressive?: The worst kind. Passive aggressive who thinks I’m passive.
Who is your idol?: Rivers
Do you trust others easily?: I used to.
What was your favourite toy as a child?: Wow… This quiz needs some editing!
What class in school did you think was totally useless?: English grammar when I was in college the first time.
Do you like sappy love songs?: Anyone who says no is lying.
Have you ever been on radio or television?: Hmm. I’m sure I have but I can’t think of anytime.
Do you have a journal?: several
Have you ever intentionally hurt someone?: Who hasn’t? But I can’t think of anything specifically.
Have you ever been in a mosh pit?: no
Do you feel understood most of the time?: not even by myself
Have you ever seriously thought about committing suicide?: yes
Would you ever bungee jump?: Never even if you somehow had the magic ability to make all my dreams come true.
Do you untie your shoes everytime you take them off?: only when they’re new
What are you worried about right now?: starting school, not getting pregnant, not being able to lose weight, etc.
Do you think you are strong?: I used to. I’m still alive so I must be.
If you could meet anyone, dead or living, who would it be?: Rivers or Oprah
If you had only one more year to live, would you change the way you’re living now?: I’d say I would but I probably wouldn’t. Except I’d go to Japan again.
If the world were to end in 24 hours, what would you do?: visit Nephie
What is one thing not a lot of people know about you?: Not much. I’m the open-book type. Um… I can say really racist things?! Haha
What is something you have learned recently?: how to make charms out of Fimo and wire
What is the best smell?: Tide
What is the worst smell?: ass
What is the best feeling in the world?: being loved unconditionally
What is the worst feeling in the world?: severe nausea
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?: In the morning?!?! Haha. “I don’t wanna.”
Do you get motion sickness?: yes
Do you have names picked out for your future children? What are they?: Boy only. Not telling. (Bet you can guess though!)
Do you wear contacts?: no
Do you get along with your parents?: superficially
Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: Yes. Many. Not by my own choice.
Do you eat the stems off broccoli?: 1 in 8 times
If you could trade jobs with anyone in the world, who’s would you pick?: Paul Merton
What colour are your bedroom walls?: butterscotch pudding
What colour are your bed sheets?: white
If you were a gardening tool, what would you be?: What? Where did I come up with that?! I probably just expected people to answer hoe. So… I’ll say glove. What? That’s a tool… right?
If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?: This is dumb.
Supposing there is God, what do you want him/her/it’s first words to you be?: Osoi!
What is under your bed?: probably a lot of dust
What time of your life would you go back to and live in again?: I would redo my early 20’s and appreciate that I wasn’t as fat as I thought and I’d know I was cute and I would finish school and teach in Japan and go out and have more fun and more experiences. Ahhhh, hindsight!
What is a piece of clothing that you would love to own?: something that looked good
Do you smoke?: no
Do you believe in an afterlife?: I’m not sure.
What would you say your IQ is?: I think I have the potential to be smart but I’ve gotten really stupid over the years. I have no clue. Average. 118. Whatever.
What is the nicest accent?: IDK. Mandarin?
What is the ugliest accent?: I’m not a fan of German.
What is the last book you read?: A Geisha’s Journey: My Life as a Kyoto Apprentice
What did you think of it?: The pictures weren’t as good as they should have been.
Do you work?: I have one day left.
If yes, do you like your job? ~OR~ If no, why not?: It’s okay. I wouldn’t want to do it for the rest of my life. At times, I hate it but that might just be my bad attitude.
List your five biggest pet peeves.: bad grammar, when song lyrics switch tense or pronouns, when people in the general public are inconsiderate and unthoughtful (that encompasses a lot!), trolls, when people on the bus don’t mind their own business
List your top five fears.: spiders or other creepies and bees, puking, major dental work or physical procedures, something bad happening to a loved one, rollercoasters
What are three things that you really love?: Hubby and my family, Japan, Weezer
What is your funniest memory?: hmm
Are you a closet fan of any particular band?: Morning Musume
If you had to get a tattoo (whether you have one already or not), where and what would you get?: lotus tramp stamp, flying =w= on my wrist, torii gate on my ankle
Who is on your “Get Off My Planet” list?: I don’t currently have one, believe it or not.
Describe the state of your bathroom.: Clean! Not it’s usual state.
Are you close with your cousins?: some
How much money do you have in your bank account?: over 8 grand ~LOL
Do you save money for your future?: $50 a month into an RRSP since I turned 21
Do you have any family members you really don’t like?: of course
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?: 1-1.5 hours
Do you snore?: I didn’t use to. Hubby says I do sometimes. I actually moan and sigh a lot lately.
What is the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?: When I was 6 or so, I thought I was going to drown. But I’m sure scarier things have happened. Nothing comes to mind though.
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what is one logical item you’d like to have with you?: radio
Do you have anything that you’ve never told anyone?: no
If television, radios, computers, and phones didn’t exist, could you keep yourself entertained?: If they never existed to begin with, I wouldn’t be dependent on them. If they were suddenly taken away, it would be a long adjustment period.
What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever spent money on?: Oh, so many things! I’m gonna go with the leather pants though.
If you couldn’t live now, what era would you like to have lived in?: If I could pick the lifestyle too, I wouldn’t mind being a court lady in the Heian period or a geisha in the 30’s or an actress in the 40‘s.
Who was your first celebrity crush?: Michael J. Fox
What is your best quality?: quirkiness makes me loveable
Who is the ugliest person on TV?: I still say Oliver Platt is pretty unattractive but these days there are so many uglies on TV.
Did you ever watch Fraggle Rock?: It was my favourite show.
If you were given the opportunity to be rich and famous, would you take it?: of course
What makes you get out of bed everyday?: guilt or boredom
Are you living for the past, the present, or the future?: That’s a sad question. Future.
What is the longest time you’ve owned (and worn regularly) a pair of shoes?: Who remembers that kind of thing? Other than my younger self…
What category would you put yourself into? (ie. preppy, grunge, conservative, goth, etc.): painfully frumpy
Do you have any useless, strange talents?: memorizing dates
Do you have a close-knit family?: closer than some but not as much as I’d like
What is the meanest thing you’ve ever said to anyone?: My younger self would hold onto things like that for self-demeaning purposes. If I said something mean to someone, as long as I apologized, I’d like to forget it. I can’t think of anything. In general, I don’t say mean things. Not because I’m too nice but because I’m too afraid of conflict.
Do you think you’re living up to your own standards?: definitely not
If you could change one thing about your personality, what would you change?: drive
What do you want to do with your life?: haha
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Hopefully not where I am now. That would just be sad! Maybe with 2 kids and a job I don’t mind and still happily married with another trip to Japan or 2 under my belt.
Make 3 wishes for yourself:
1 -> go to Japan again
2 -> have family living close by
3 -> be in good physical shape

What are your opinions on ~
abortion: a necessary evil
organized religion: disorganized
capital punishment: not a good idea ~ You can never be tooooo sure!
politics: Huh? LOL

What do you do most often when you are bored?: sleep, watch YouTube… fill in useless quizzes!
Self physical description: overweight turtle mouth
Describe yourself in five words: “No, I don’t want to.”
Five objects to represent you: pillow, tea mug, hair elastic, photo album, soft blankie
Do you do your own laundry?: Who else is gonna do it. Hubby?! No, thanks.

What time is it now?: 8:38

Current Location: still at the kitchen table

Current Mood: lethargiclistless

Current Music: Weezer

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