♥~My Love Story~♥

I originally posted this as a “note” on Facebook. Thought I’d put it here. Just cause.

Let’s share ~

If I tagged you, I’m interested in your story ~ how you met, why you fell in love, etc. (Or thought you might be interested in mine… Haha.)

When I moved to Winnipeg right out of high school (literally, the day after classes ended ~ June 26, 1999), I told my friends I would be back. St. George/Brantford is where I “grew up” and the longest I had ever lived in one place… it was home. So… I never really gave Winnipeg a fair shot…

The only people I really hung out with were my cousins and brother. I didn’t make friends (until, like, 2 or 3 months before I left).

I started working for Ann at her Levi’s store in March 2000… being the astute judge of character that she is, she realized just how cool I really am…

That sets the stage~

Ann said that she had plans with people on Saturday night, Sept 23, 2000 and since she knew I didn’t know too many people (haha ~ have any friends, she meant!!), she asked if I wanted to hang out with her brother, who was in town from Edmonton and also didn’t know anyone. (He was doing a practicum for his last year of pharmacy ~ one week in to the three weeks.) Just to hang out… not a date. No pressure.

I hadn’t made definite plans and thought it could be interesting hanging out with a complete stranger so I said okay. But… he was a complete stranger… so Friday, I told her, maybe not. But Ann has a way of convincing you to do stuff that is “good for you” ~ so…

… I was off work at 6:30 but the mall closed at 6:00, so he had to wait. (We actually finished about 10 after, but then I had to brush my teeth, change my clothes, and touch up my makeup. Not a date…. but a girl’s still gotta look good when meeting a new guy!)

BTW~ Ann didn’t even tell me his name (or forgot to or I forgot to ask or something) so I asked my manager earlier that day would had met him once or twice a few years back.

After my co-worker and I dropped off the store deposit at the bank, I met him outside my store and the very first words I said were, “So, where are we going?” (I thought I was just being confident or assertive or something. Turns out, his immediate first impression of me was that I was a snob~ I get that a lot…)

Actually (I just remembered), he came into the store awhile before we closed to introduce himself. I think we shook hands or something and I told him when we’d be finished…

We determined where his car was and decided while walking to it that we would figure out things to do while driving. I don’t remember completely but  I think we were both saying “whatever you want to do” (not to be polite… that’s just how we both are ~ and that set the tone for the rest of life…). We drove around for awhile… but that turned out to be a good thing…

While driving around, he said his CDs were at my feet and I could pick whatever I wanted to listen to. I was flipping through while we talked. He asked me what I usually listened to ~ my reply, of course (at the time) was hip hop/r&b, my favourites being 112, Ginuwine, Missy Elliott, etc. He didn’t have much interest. His CDs were Pearl Jam, Moist, Smashing Pumpkins…. Okay, but not my type….

Then I flipped to Blink-182, Green Day, and Weezer (my OTHER favourites I had failed to mention). “Oh, I love these!” ~ or something. “Oh yeah…” blah blah blah “I think I’ll go with Green Day…”

Jay figured at that point that I would pick Dookie (cause EVERYONE knows it) or maybe Nimrod…. but I went with 1039 ~ Green Day’s first album, popped it in, and started singing along… He was impressed.



We ended driving all the way down to the Forks, ending up at Brannigan’s for dinner. Then we went all the way back to Polo Park to see Hollow Man at the theatre ~ both agreeing it was a terrible movie. Then we still wanted to hang out… and I lived close so we went back to my house…. haha ~ that sounds so bad! We just hung out, talking, quizzing each other on life stories… whatever. APPARENTLY, I showed him all my pictures. I know… it’s weird. (He always brings that up!) But, it shows how comfortable we were. (He was telling me all his stories too.) We ended up talking until 6:00am.

When he finally decided he should go home, we made plans to hang out again ~ the next day, he, Ann, and her husband were going to the States to go shopping so we said we’d do something the day after.

We spent everyday from then on for the rest of the two weeks he was in Winnipeg together. A few days before he left, I changed my mind from “fling” to “boyfriend”. (I hadn’t been up for a long distance relationship but he was just so great~ 🙂 )


We met at Christmas in Toronto/Mississauga for a few days (Ann moved there in November to open Below the Belt and her whole family was visiting ~ I went to spend time with Jay and had plans to see my high school friends (didn’t happen… storm) and my former co-workers.) Then he came to visit me in Winnipeg the day after Valentine’s (I told him to skip the 14th cause I’ve never liked it) for a week. Then I went to see him in May for his university graduation.


Oh yeah ~ we knew that long distance relationships are only temporary and he knew of my plans to return to Ontario. Since Ann told me of her plans to open BTB there, I asked if I could transfer. Jay said there were a lot of Pharmacy opportunities in Ontario and since his sister lived there, he wanted to move there.

So, in June, he came to visit me for a few days, just stopping off while he moved across the country. Two more months apart (except the week that I took in July to go look for apartments and visit my high school friends) and then I moved August 31, 2001.

We moved in together in April 2003. He had lived with his sister and I was roommates with my former-then-reunited-co-worker (after 3 months in a shit hole alone… usually staying with Jay instead due to bugs… *shudder*).

We got married May 5, 2007 and moved into our house October 31, 2007. Marital bliss from then on~


There… that gives you the gist. (Seriously, I can’t believe you read the whole thing.)

I wrote this cause someone asked (Hi MiaoMiao-san!!) and I never got a chance to tell the story. That’s how we met and some of the superficial reasons we got together. Not much of what I like about him or why things worked out…

If you write your story ~ make it more interesting please!!

(originally posted on Facebook and then to wohngsikneuih)

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