The Real Question Is…

People always send me quizzes… and they know I’ll answer them cause I love them… but the quizzes are always lacking something. Perhaps, REALLY good questions. So, off the top of my head, I’ll ask all of YOU some questions that I may not know about you.

Because I’m going to the effort of thinking up these questions, you should be nice and answer them and send it back. Feel free to send it to other people too if you want.

1. What is the worst lie you ever told your parents?
I went camping with my friends when I was 17 (ALMOST 18!! I’m not THAT bad!) and got REALLY drunk and threw up all over myself… and told my parents it must have been the chicken left out of the cooler too long. Hint to any parents (and people in general)… if you are given extra information you didn’t ask for, it’s a lie!

2. When was the last time you were so drunk that you spilled it all over yourself (or some such silliness)?
Over a year ago at Crocodile Rock for Sam’s birthday. I don’t drink very often at all.

3. If you had ten million dollars handed to you and the only condition was that you couldn’t spend it on yourself, how would you spend it?
Hmmm… first I would buy my parents a dream-home and pay off anything they needed. I’d probably buy my sister and brother houses too. I’d buy anything my boyfriend’s family needed. I’d set up tuition funds for Takeo, Emily, Greg, Allysha, Josh, and Jake. I’d buy my boyfriend anything and everything he’d wish for. I’d buy toys for all my friends (cars, electronics, etc.). And, I know it’s cliché, but I would donate a lot… I’d really like to set up some sort of foundation for Chinese people living under the poverty line that their government has forgotten about. I’d also like to set up something for Canadian young adults struggling with minor depression (all the help always goes to the people “who really need it”). Research and job opportunities and public awareness. If anything was left over, I’d probably give it to Oprah’s Angel Network. She does good things.
*note written 12 years later: This answer is SUCH bullshit! Hahaha. Sure, I’d buy my friends and family some shit, but I’d buy myself a bunch of crap, travel a bunch, and then hoard the rest (if any) for when I thought of more stuff to buy!

4. Have you ever lied in a job interview or to the cops? (Please… elaborate!)
Um… I’ve never lied but I have stretched out the truth a bit. (I cannot disclose any further information at this time.)
*note 12 years later: I have no clue what lie I am referring to. I cannot ever remember lying to cops or in an interview. O_o

5. Have you ever done anything that you SHOULD have been arrested for, but weren’t?
I think anyone who shoplifts SHOULD be caught and punished so that they never do it again! Other than that… I’m a good girl. I can’t think of any laws I’ve broken other than not wearing my seatbelt. (I know, my answer is boring… I wrote the question to hear YOUR stories!)

6. How old were you when you moved out of your parent’s house (for those of you who returned… I mean the first time)?
My parents moved out of MY house!! Haha. I was 18 when I moved in with Tara and my family moved to Manitoba without me. (Don’t worry, Mom. I’m not scarred! It was fun.)

7. (Here’s a twist on a common question:) When was the last time you cried because you were HAPPY?
I’m a fairly closed-off emotionally type of person so I don’t cry when I’m happy but tears welled up in my eyes on my birthday. Nephie sang Happy Birthday to me – having never been taught it! – and got all the words right, even the ‘Auntie K’ in the right place. No one told him to. He just started singing it. It was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten. “Happy Day-yay to you…”

8. If you could rewind to a certain age or fast forward to a certain age, what would it be?
I like to tell my “psychiatric team” that I was happiest at the age of four. I was old enough to remember things and understand my environment but too young for stress or worries. Life was stable and carefree. So, perhaps that would be my answer. But, let’s say I’d like to fast forward to my retirement (at this rate, I’ll be 80!). Then I will be free to travel and (hopefully) actually have the money to do it.

9. Where have you been other than Canada and the US?
Nowhere… but I have big plans! Japan, China, Korea, England, maybe Italy, Greece, France, etc.

10. What is your favourite mode of transportation?
In general, I hate travelling (to and from) because I STILL get motion sickness but I guess car. At least you can stop when you need to, listen to music you like, don’t have to smell other passengers, etc. Yes, if time was a luxury I could afford to drive places, I would drive (or I suppose, be driven).

11. What’s your geekiest “guilty pleasure”?
I’m a low-grade Trekkie and can get pretty caught up in other Sci-Fi fantasy plots and characters.

12. Can you remember your last dream?
hee hee  Jeannie gave me a really weird hair cut – something between a pixie and a mullet – and everyone was saying how great it looked and how I looked older and it suited me… blah blah blah. Then I woke up and thought, hmm… since everyone liked it, I should do it! Thank God I’m too lazy to get out of bed!!

13. Do you have any nicknames that you can’t stand and wish people would stop calling you?
Kare-bear always had a bad stigma when I was in public school because the Care Bears were NOT cool then but I don’t mind it now. Still, I only let certain people get away with it. (The way Allison says, it sounds cute!) I don’t LOVE nicknames to do with being short. Um… nothing I can’t stand. Most of mine are pretty funny.

14. What is the best advice you would give someone about to enter high school?
In OAC (grade 13, for you non-Ontarians) Writer’s Craft class, we were told to write an essay – advice to the people entering grade 9 the following Sept. I wrote a big thing on ‘just be yourself/don’t care what other people think’ but, in hindsight, that’s a ridiculous request of a pre-teen/teenager. They can’t be themselves because “themselves” aren’t invented yet and the acting like your friends thing/being afraid to be different is part of growing up (unfortunately!). I would just tell them there are times that are going to suck, you’re going to feel like a loser, you’re going to be unsure of yourself, etc. (YAY!) BUT, don’t stress too much about it – everyone has to go through it. It’s a 4 year right-of-passage that hopefully won’t kill you and will make you stronger. It’s better to make an ass of yourself with your family around to lean on, where a salaray won’t be withheld if you screw up, and around people you probably will never see again afterwards. Sure, it’ll be hell but it’ll also be fun. Oh, and do your homework.

15. What is ONE THING (just one… we all have our lists…) you’ve done that you aren’t proud of?
Not having REAL conversations with my grandparents. You always hear people say “get to know your roots” but no one ever tells you HOW to do that. People two generations separate are hard to relate to sometimes but if you can really get to know your grandparents (or surrogates), I think you’ll be able to get through a lot of tough problems in life. (I find the hardest part is getting them to open up to you!)

16. What is the ugliest first name you can think of?
Mildred (no offence to anyone named Mildred… I just don’t like the sound)

17. Have you ever had a near-death experience where you really did think “OMG… I’m going to die”?
nope (*knocks on wood*)

18. What is something you’ve really wanted to ask someone but never got the nerve to ask?
Oh, lots of things… certain people in the past if they liked me back, questions to people about touchy subjects, certain things to my parents about their lives “before me”, etc. Nothing particular comes to mind at the moment though.

19. Imagine you’ve been told you have to leave your home/life/etc. immediately and you can only bring ONE thing… what are you taking?
I can never choose for this type of question and I always change my mind! I know I said THING and not person but I’d like to bring my boyfriend. If not, I’ll bring peachy (my comforter). (Comforter really is the perfect name for it!)

20. Say something nice about someone you really don’t like.
*******’s eyes are a very pretty colour.

21. What would someone have to do for you to instantly not like them upon meeting for the first time?
Other than picking their nose or farting or something gross, saying something insulting is a big turn off. I also have little patience for bad grammar. It would depend on the situation though. I don’t like drunk or stoned customers, people who try to pick you up, stupid people, etc. I TRY to keep an open mind but blatant racism would definitely be unforgivable.

22. What is your “favourite” expression of bad grammar?
“I haven’t boughten jeans for the longest time.”

23. Who is your favourite comic book character?
Marvel – Mystique
DC – Batman
Miyazaki – Chihiro (not REALLY a comic book but Miyazaki’s animes are turned into manga sometimes)
other manga – Hideki from Chobits

24. What is your favourite thing in nature (as in trees, birds… bees, whatever)?
Although I don’t like to be outside very often, I love nature (when it poses no threat). I love to stare at the sky. The range of colours and how fast it can change and how each change affects moods so drastically amazes me. I also love the appearance (and smell) of trees. Flowers themselves are pretty awe inspiring too. My VERY favourite thing, though, is rain. I LOVE the rain. It makes me happy (as long as I’m not caught off guard by it whilst being outdoors!). I love the sound (especially when accompanied by thunder) , the smell, the way it looks, and the way it makes everything else look (sky, pavement, trees, plants, grass, etc.)

25. What’s the cutest/funniest thing you’ve heard a kid say recently?
Perhaps re-read my Nephie-birthday story. He also has a few recent catch-phrases that make me laugh. If you look at him and he’s shy or if you ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do, like most kids his age, will yell, “No!” Sometimes, he follows that up with, “no say no” in a very stern voice. It’s hilarious. He anticipates being scolded and saves you the trouble.
One day, he put his crayons into his yogurt. Now, he will spontaneously say about something on his tray, “no put in the yogurt!”.
Another favourite of mine is “derailment!” I would say that every time he knocked one of his trains off the tracks and he now says it to anything falling over and other misc. mishaps. It comes out “medailment”.

That’s all I have for now… Feel free to write more questions when you write back to me, but don’t forget to answer them yourself. I challenge you to make your answers as long-winded (and interesting, might I add!) as mine!

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