Internet Passwords

I love using passwords to get into things and for some reason, (even though there are undoubtedly people that, if they really wanted to, I’m sure could get into anything they wanted) they make me feel safer. Since the web is so huge and mind-boggling, security is a good thing, real or placebo-ed (a word I just made up for the void). Most of the people I’ve talked to about internet passwords (which, contrary to what you might be lead to think, is not that many…. even though I am a SUPERGEEK), have a different password for everything: e-mail, journal, webpage, etc. All except for my Hotmail account, they’re all the same thing. I find it much easier to remember my one password and use it for everything. The Hotmail one was made years ago when you could still use numbers and symbols and different cases. Not all systems let you use it so since my “other” password is universally accepted, that’s what I stick with. What do you make your passwords out of? Mine is something that I don’t think anyone would ever guess on their own because it’s so obvious to the people who’ve known me for a long time that they’d never even consider it. For the people who don’t know me…. where would they even start?

Let me give you my break down…. (I know you’re on the edge of your seat!) Why am I doing this? My security will be breeched!!! Yeah, I’m really not that worried that you’re going to ponder my password until you figure it out, use it to break into my journal, and write stuff as if you were me. I’m a risk-taker!!

Most people would just randomly come up with something easy to remember and use that. BUT, if you know me, you know how compulsively thought out everything I do is.

First, it consists of 8 letters. Most places give you a limit ranging from 4 to 10. 8 fits in there nicely. I always use even numbers. Generally, I don’t like odd numbers. There are a few exceptions. This goes back to when I was a little kid…. There are boy numbers and girl numbers and I don’t like boy numbers. They don’t looks and/or sound nice. Between 1 and 10. The boy numbers are 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7. The girl numbers are 2, 4, 8, and 9. Since I don’t use odd numbers and boys suck, I can’t use 5, 6, 7, or 9. And I can’t use 4 or 10 characters because…. another childhood thing…. I’ll always go for the underdog and immediately bypass whatever is suggested. Besides, it wasn’t the case when I made it up, but 8 is now my favourite number anyway. In Chinese, 8 is very good luck. My favourite used to be 4 but in Chinese four is a very unlucky number. Apparently it sounds like the word for “death”. 8 is double 4’s anyway, so…. either way, I win.

Secondly, you have to think of something that IS obvious so that no one would think you’d use it as a password (ESPECIALLY me because of this strange, analytical, circular, over-thinking way that I’m known for) but not so obvious that people I don’t know will get. It’s not my birthday or phone number or any kind of personal info like that. It’s not my name backwards. Etcetera. Shock of shocks…. it’s a nickname. Not one commonly used but something a few people have called me in the past. Easy to spell and remember. The perfect password.

On the other hand, my Hotmail password is exactly the kind of password you’d think I would have. Confusing and lots of secret, personal meaning to placement and look. It’s a combination of symbols, numbers, and letters in varying cases. I picked three numbers and four letters that meant something to me. The numbers were not only significant but so were some of the corresponding symbols when they’re capitalized. The letters spell out yet another nickname but scrambled and some capital and some lowercase. (“SOME” ~ Haha. Can that word even be used when only four are available?) What I find funny is that not only do I remember this complex password but I remember exactly what I was thinking when I made it up in 1997 AND if I was going to make up this type again, it would end up being the EXACT same thing. I’m also known for my freakish memory. (For example, 1997…. Why do I know what year it was when I opened my Hotmail account?)


Am I crazy or did you put this much thought into your password too? 

….You don’t like me anymore, do you?

Just the tip of the iceberg!

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Oh, lordy! That’s so funny. As soon as I hit submit, a screen popped up and said “your password is too easy to guess and it is recommended that it be changed”. It’s never done that before! How IRONIC is that!?

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